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"The Ultimate Board Game"

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The "Ultimate" Board Game

Disc sport in your living room

but without breaking the lamps

The Ultimate Board Game is an exciting, competitive, fun game for 2 to 8 adults. The game is inspired by Ultimate and reproduces the dynamics of a tournament between two teams, consisting of a Match, a Party and a Final Match. To become The Ultimate Champion Team, collect the most victory points from the three stages of the game

2-8 players

60 min

18+ Age

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MVP The Ultimate Board Game

Phase 1 – Match

Play a Match against your opponent and score points, but be careful how you balance your Fitness, Spirit and Party points.

Phase 2 – Party

Does it even need an explanation?

Phase 3 – Final Match

Maybe you partied too hard and now you have low fitness?

Or were you preparing for the big match?

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Martin - The Ultimate Board Game

Martin – Co-Creator (BG, ES)

Owner of a Software Agency and Ultimate player by day. Board game designer by night

Gabi - The Ultimate Board Game

Gabi – Co-creator (FR, SG)

Ultimate Player, Disc Golf and Data Scientist by day. Board game designer by night


Meet the Team

Martin and Gabi spent 2 years to bring this game to live, but it would not have been possible without the help of the whole team from France, Singapore, The Netherlands, Bulgaria, Slovakia

Pedro - Game Designer

Pedro (BR, AG): Artwork & Design

Dani - Copy writing and UX (SK, ES)

Dani (SK, ES): Copy writing and UX –

Kirin - Copy Writing and Marketing (NL, SG)

Kirin (NL, SG) – Copy Writing and Marketing

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Sky The Ultimate Board Game

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